Marinela Lugoj

Marinela Lugoj -Sarbatoreste Pastele Acasa in Phoenix cu Familia

Easter celebrated with happiness by Moldavian immigrants in Phoenix

“Many Moldavians choose to celebrate the Easter Holliday away from Moldova. For several years now, Maria Reznic is celebrating these moments along with her children who emigrated to United States of America. They settled here 6 years ago and Maria Reznic is of a great help to them. Especially when it comes to cooking “Cozonaci” – Moldavian Traditional Easter Sponge Cakes.

Moldavian traditions are never forgoten, not even at hundreds of thousands of miles away. Decorated eggs and Sponge Cakes are prepared ahead of time, parents and grandparents are gathering around the table for a special Easter meal.

Marinela’s dream to come to USA came true and her whole family is living in Phoenix, Arizona. However even though her husband and her 5 year old daughter are close, her nostalgia for Moldova isn’t going away, Moldova is where her brothers and relatives are…”

Continue reading (in Ro): Sarbatorile de Pasti, întâmpinate cu bucurie de către diaspora de moldoveni din Phoenix

Article courtesy of: Natalia Ghilascu, Editor in chief of “Moldova Times”

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