Efimia Climov

Efimia Climov - Owner of AZ Life Assisted Living Home

A Moldavian from Milestii Mici owns an Assisted Living Home Business in Arizona

“A Moldavian originary from Milestii Mici is a private business owner in Arizona. Her house became an Assited Living Home for American elderly. Here they find peace of mind, high end service and lots of compassion.

Efimia Climov immigrated in USA a decade ago and decided to start her life over. The ease with which she faces difficulties in life, that is characteristic to Moldavian immigrants, helped her to learn a new language for a smoother integration in American community…”

Continue reading (in Ro): O moldoveanca din satul Milestii Mici a reusit sa deschida un azil de batrani in Arizona

Article courtesy of: Natalia Ghilascu, Editor-Sef al “Moldova Times”

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