Visiting Santa at Home - December 10, 2016

Santa needs help of your litle ones to decorate his Christmas Tree and his Home. All the kids who are willing to help are welcome. Moldavian Community in Arizona is organizing a Free Holiday Craft Party for your little ones. All the crafting supplies will be provided by the CMA. When the Christmas Tree will be decorated  we will be waiting for Santa who will arrive with Gifts for all his little helpers. Whoever wants to recite poems, Santa will listen to all of them with great joy! It would be great for the children to be dressed in little Elf costumes, colors white, green, red and little Christmas hats if available. CMA will also contribute at the purchase of the gifts, however we will ask the parents to chip in $5.00 per child. We are awaiting for your little ones! (more…)

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CMA at "Romanian Festival 2016"

The most beautiful poems about Moldova will be recited at “Romanian Festival 2016” Moldavian Comunity in Arizona Program for the Event Saturday, Nov. 12 at 4:00 pm Sunday, Nov. 13 at 12:00 pm Educational Center “Alunelul” will be singing songs, reciting poems and dancing! Performers: Tatiana Mutu and Radu Lavraniuc! (more…)

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How likely are Moldavian citizens to return to Moldova after immigrating to USA?

Are the Moldavian citizens ready to return to Moldova after emigrating to USA?

Moldavian Independance day celebrations have arrived, Moldavian immigrants from Arizona celebrated it with lots of joy, music and dance around the traditional Moldavian table.  Far away from their motherland, Moldavians miss their traditions and their relatives, that they left behind in Moldova.

Some of them who immigrated a decade ago now, expressed their discontent with Moldavian politics. When asked if they would consider returning home, majority of them suggested that this possibility would be considered only after Moldova Republic will be reformed and the necessary economic and political changes will take place.

Moldavian immigrants, do not invision a clear development path for Moldova Republic as a country. Still, however Moldavian immigrants hold strong to their traditions, national holidays, they organize numerous Moldavian Community reunion events and gatherings where they feast on traditional Moldavian food. Moldavians say that it requires economic and political stability if they want to be successful in what they want to achieve back in their homeland. (more…)

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Mariana Lozovanu

Marina Lozovanu - Real Estate Agent

A Moldavian from Lozova became a Real Estate Agent in Arizona

“6 years ago, Mariana Lozovanu setled in Arizona, the hottest state in USA. Her childhood dream to visit America came true when she obtained the immigration visa along with the right to move to America with her family.

Home country hardships force Moldavian citizens to try their luck outside Moldavian borders. Native from Lozova, Straseni, Mariana operated in Customer Service, Marketing this experiences allowed her to achieve great heights away from her home country…”


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Octavian Belostecinic

Octavian Belostecinic Business Owner

Moldavians become wealthy in American freight companies

“For 8 years Octavian is away from his home in Moldova. Once settled in USA, Octavian learned to be more business oriented. With acquired experience in truck driving, Octavian decided to open a trucking company. He is an optimist and likes to risk, these qualities helped him to  become successful in his business endeavor.  

Most of his clients are American, however when he has an ocasion to work with europeans or immigrants from post soviet countires, he has a higher peace of mind.  He had to work very hard, to get to his first million…” 


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Efimia Climov

Efimia Climov - Owner of AZ Life Assisted Living Home

A Moldavian from Milestii Mici owns an Assisted Living Home Business in Arizona

“A Moldavian originary from Milestii Mici is a private business owner in Arizona. Her house became an Assited Living Home for American elderly. Here they find peace of mind, high end service and lots of compassion.

Efimia Climov immigrated in USA a decade ago and decided to start her life over. The ease with which she faces difficulties in life, that is characteristic to Moldavian immigrants, helped her to learn a new language for a smoother integration in American community…”


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Marinela Lugoj

Marinela Lugoj -Sarbatoreste Pastele Acasa in Phoenix cu Familia

Easter celebrated with happiness by Moldavian immigrants in Phoenix

“Many Moldavians choose to celebrate the Easter Holliday away from Moldova. For several years now, Maria Reznic is celebrating these moments along with her children who emigrated to United States of America. They settled here 6 years ago and Maria Reznic is of a great help to them. Especially when it comes to cooking “Cozonaci” – Moldavian Traditional Easter Sponge Cakes.

Moldavian traditions are never forgoten, not even at hundreds of thousands of miles away. Decorated eggs and Sponge Cakes are prepared ahead of time, parents and grandparents are gathering around the table for a special Easter meal.

Marinela’s dream to come to USA came true and her whole family is living in Phoenix, Arizona. However even though her husband and her 5 year old daughter are close, her nostalgia for Moldova isn’t going away, Moldova is where her brothers and relatives are…”


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