Visiting Santa at Home - December 17, 2017

Moldavian Community in Arizona is inviting all the little ones to visit Santa at Home 2017. The kids will receite poems and songs for Santa, will decorate Sanat’s Christmas Tree with Handmade Crafts, will play interactive games, will have a mini disco party, will receive gifts from Santa and will be served Pizza.

“Santa is expecting the children at his House for Christmas. Santa was very delighted to get their help in decorating his Home and Christmas Tree last year, so he is very happy to invite them to help him again this year. Santa would love to hear new poems and songs that they have learned this year. The children are encouraged to bring their hardworking Elf hats! ” (more…)

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Mariana Lozovanu at -"Moldavians united, all over the world" on JurnalTV

“Moldavians united, all over the world”/(Moldovenii, împreună în toată lumea)
7 years ago Mariana Lozovanu arrived to United States with her family. In this short term she not only managed to integrate, she also became a Real Estate Agent. Several Years ago following Mariana’s initiative Moldavian Community in Arizona was created. And right this moment Mariana is online Skype-ing us at “The Other Basarabia”/(Cealaltă Basarabie). (more…)

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