Project: Proud of our Moldavians

“Mariana Lozovanu is a graduate of Journalism and Public Communiation. In Moldova Republic she worked for an Insurance Company. In 2010 she and her husband arrived to America. Where she and her husband accommodated well quickly. In a short time she founded CMA – Moldavian Community in Arizona. Mariana is a licensed Real Estate Agent. Her second job is as an Accountant at the University of Phoenix. Recently Mariana inaugurated a Soul Project which she named “Mindri de ai nostri Moldoveni” aka “Proud of our Moldavians”. With this Project Mariana wants to prove that through hard work, ambition and a well defined scope you can achieve success no matter where you are. … On May 7’th, 2014 CMA – Moldavian Community in Arizona was registered. CMA’s scope is to help moldavian immigrants in the state of Arizona to integrate more smoothly in American Society. To save Moldavian values and traditions and to stay united. Members of Moldavian Community in Arizona organize multiple cultural events and do not forget about national holidays. Moldavians from Arizona assimilated fairly easy in American society. Many hold functions in vital industries in American economy.”

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Moldovenii de Pretutindeni. Emisiune din 31 ianuarie 2016 

(minute: 17:16)

Our first 7 heroes:

  1.  Tatiana Anghel, Financial Director CMA – in Arizona since 2007
  2. Inga Mutu, Traffic Safety Monitoring – in Arizona since 2010
  3. Tatiana Mutu, Hair Stylist – in Arizona since 2010
  4. Ludmila Virlan, Accountant at University of Phoenix
  5. Tatiana Mehr, GoDaddy Company, Arizona – in America since 2008
  6. Alexandru Lozovanu, II Tear Technician – in Arizona since 2010
  7. Svetlana Samoil, Artistic Director “Noroc Moldovenesc” Folk Ensemble