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Yeeeeyyy! Cartea mea este acum live pe Amazon. Sunt gata să împărtășesc povestea mea de agent imobiliar cu lumea și să vă inspir să nu renunțați și să vă urmați visele. „The Faithful Realtor” este o poveste adevărată a unui imigrant care a ajuns pe piața imobiliară la trei ani după venirea în SUA. Dacă începeți o afacere nouă și vă simțiți rău, sunteți disperați și luptați cu încrederea în sine, această carte vă va ridica moralul și vă va ajuta să nu renunțați niciodată. Cartea conține și versete din Biblie, care descriu perfect ce m-a ajutat să trec de cele mai grele momente din domeniul imobiliar. Am inclus și imagini care sărbătoresc succesul meu cu unii dintre cei care au avut încredere în mine pentru a fi agentul lor și cărora le sunt recunoscătoare mereu. Dacă sunteți nou în domeniul imobiliar, această carte vă va inspira și vă va marca pentru totdeauna, iar dacă vă gândiți să renunțați, citiți această carte și poate vă veți răzgândi. Nimic nu este imposibil dacă-l ai pe Dumnezeu în gând”.

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The Faithful Realtor is a true story of an immigrant who jumped into the real estate market three years after coming to the USA. If you are starting a new business and feel down and desperate and struggle with your faith, this book will lift you and help you never give up. The book has bible verses that describe what helped Mariana Lozovanu through her toughest moments in real estate. There are pictures of Mariana celebrating success with those who trusted her to be their realtor and to whom she is forever grateful. The hard work of a realtor who followed God and persisted until she succeeded. If you are new to real estate,this book will inspire and mark you forever, and if you are thinking to give up, read this book and you will change your mind.

Mariana Lozovanu

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Ana C.
5.0 out of 5 stars
An amazing book!! Reviewed in the United States on September 8, 2020 Verified Purchase This book offers so much valuable insight on how to work with God every time you feel like giving up on something. The author shows her deep feelings she goes through on this new path, new dream she follows, and “it just takes to know what you want and to fit exactly into your goal, no matter the threats you might have around you”. Those are real struggles, deceptions… but the author trusts the voice inside her, she trusts God, she speaks to God and she knows “that it will happen one day”. Her “worn out shoes” are a good example on how God will never leave you. I keep this book on my nightstand as a reminder to never give up and that nothing is impossible with God. I love this book!!!

5.0 out of 5 stars
Love it!!! Reviewed in the United States on August 13, 2020 Verified Purchase I just finished reading the book, and I will read it over and over again, whenever I will feel like giving up on something. This book gives you hope, peace, strength and the feeling that “nothing is impossible with God”. This book is like a medicine, it makes you feel better!

Aducem Multumiri!

Pooks, Boots and Jesus LLC
September 4, 2020
As we approach Labor Day, I wanted to share a hard-working testimony that had a beautiful ending because she trusted in the Lord! As a realtor, Mariana said it was so hard starting off and she didn’t have money to buy good shoes for work. Her old shoes were worn down to the nail of the heels! But she NEVER stopped walking in faith! Faith that the Lord would provide shoes and everything her family needed. Praise the Lord, she kept the faith and made it through her storm. She is now able to provide for her family. Praise the Lord! We were able to partner and bless families in need at Child Crisis Arizona. She wrote a book so everyone, not just realtors, would never lose hope and trust in God in all things! Her book, The Faithful Realtor, shows how she remained steadfast in God’s word, believing and trusting in Him. This book is not about how to get rich, but instead something far more important, how to trust God! Having a relationship with God allows us to have peace, comfort and hope throughout our life. We wanted to give this peace, comfort and hope to Child Crisis Arizona as they said the mothers and children that they are serving have been struggling during the pandemic. We were excited to help, both financially and with their requests of needed items. What a perfect opportunity to share her book with the women and my book for the children. We made some baskets upon their request of reading, coloring and activity books. We pray they learn how much God loves them and they will get through this storm! We were thankful for Mariana and her family for helping us in this project. The picture is Mariana’s children helping to deliver the baskets! We will continue to pray for the Child Crisis Arizona as they do so much for the children to include providing emergency children’s shelter, foster care, adoption and counseling. They give the children a safe environment and free from abuse and neglect. We are very thankful for what they do for these children. We pray our books remind them all things are possible with God! May we all trust in the Lord, He will get us through all things! Matthew 19:26 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

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